Bubble Hash

Ice water separation is a more modern mechanical separation method, for making hash, which submerges the plant's leaves in ice and water and agitates the mixture, sometimes in a washing machine.  The low temperature solidifies the resinous trichomes. They become brittle, and the mechanical agitation breaks them off the leaves. The waste plant matter, detached trichomes, and water are separated by filtering through a series of increasingly fine screens or bags (with pore sizes ranging from 220 to 25 micrometers).  The trichomes of various sizes are then dried and pressed into solid blocks of hash. Kits are commercially available which provide a series of filter bags meant to fit inside standard bucket sizes. Hash made in this way is sometimes called 'ice hash', or 'bubble hash'. This method produces valuable product from leaf matter that would otherwise be discarded (after the plant's "buds" are trimmed for sale). The advent of this process has made hashish much more readily available in North America.

CO2 Extracts

CO2 extracts, also known as supercritical CO2 extracts or supercritical fluid CO2 extracts, are extremely pure plant extracts produced from a relatively new and highly efficient extraction process.  The supercritical CO2 extract and its process have many benefits over the traditional distillation processes, the CO2 supercritical extraction process eliminates the need for potentially harmful solvents like hexane or butane that are often used in the manufacture of absolute oils, avoiding unnecessary environmental pollution and potential human bodily harm.  The CO2 extraction process consists of pumping pressurized carbon dioxide into a chamber filled with plant matter. When carbon dioxide is subjected to pressure it becomes "supercritical" and has liquid properties while remaining in a gaseous state. Because of the liquid properties of the gas, the CO2 functions as a solvent, pulling the oils and other substances such as pigment and resin from the plant matter. Thus, the difference between CO2, or supercritical, extraction and traditional distillation is that CO2 is used as a solvent instead of other solvents that are not as clean.                          


Kief or keef (from Arabic: كيف kayf, meaning well-being or pleasure) refers to the resin glands (or trichromes) of cannabis  which may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose dry cannabis buds with a mesh-#30 kiefing screen or sieve. Kief contains a much higher concentration of desired psychoactive ingredients, primarily THC, than other preparations of cannabis buds from which it is derived. Traditionally kief has been pressed and baked into cakes as hashish for convenience in storage and shipping, but it can also be vaporized or smoked in its powder form.    


Tinctures are a very effective way to consume medical cannabis. Tinctures are either alcohol, glycerin or oil based liquids that are infused with medical cannabis. Drops of the tinctures are placed under the tongue and the medication passes through the blood vessels and enters the blood stream. Onset of the effects takes about 5 to 15 minutes with the peak effect about 30 minutes after consumption. Effects are similar to inhaled cannabis without the having to smoke the flower. Tinctures are preferred for patients that require quick relief of pain and find the rapid onset very helpful for their needs. Cannabis tinctures have dated back to the mid 1800’s 

The Growing Kitchen’s Mary’s Mint-  Is a sublingual tincture spray that is a 50/50 sativa indica blend.  It is made from 180 proof alcohol that is evaporated off, then the oil is added to vegetable glycerin.  Mary's Mint contains 3 grams of cannabis in each bottle.

MarQaha Spray Mist-  Sativa Mist, Blend Mist (50/50) and Indica Mist available. Similar to the Growing Kitchens Mary's Mint.  Dropper also available.


Cannabinoids and possibly other healing components of the cannabis plant are absorbed directly through the skin; the anti-inflammatory properties are outstanding, reducing recovery time from injuries and promoting healing of lesions.  Topical cannabis has also been used by my lupus patients and rheumatoid arthritis patients to increase the function of joints and decrease nodule formation.

The Growing Kitchen Mary’s Way- Is a topical that is made with love, cannabis-infused olive oil, shea butter, coco buter, and a powerful blend of herbs and essential oils.                                                          


The Growing Kitchen's Deep Rest Sleep Aides-  Effective and gentle, these capsules are a perfect blend of cannabis and valerian to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.  Your morning will be brighter and more energized after the deep rest these sleep aides provide.  Contains 120 mg of medicine/pill.

The Growing Kitchen's Perfect Peace Pain Pills- These capsules of calm are soothing to the body and nervesand contain a blend of cannabis and analgesic herbs. When under the strain of physical or emotional discomfort, this gentle herbal blend provides an inner shield. Use: take one capsule every 24-36 hours to treat general pain, discomfort, nausea or emotional distress. Contains 120 mg of medicine/pill.